STAVOKLIMA s.r.o. is the company involved in design, development, production, assembly, installation, and instrumentation of the technological units, in particular air-conditioning and air conditioning (according to CZ NACE 28.25, 33.20, 43.22, 71.10). The company delivers its products and services both to business entities as well as end customers and end users of buildings. The other important stakeholders having an impact on operation of the organization is the workforce of the company, contractors, neighbouring organizations, local communities, self-government, and state government.

The registered office as well as production facilities are located at Budějovická 450, 370 01 Homole.

For effective company and production process management with respect to the quality production, environment protection, and occupational health and safety of our employees, the company has implemented the quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016.

The fundamental strategic goal of the company is to satisfy both current as well as future needs

and expectation of customers to improve our competitiveness and market share thereby. We require continuous improvement also from approach of our employees to all attributes of production.

The company management has processed and approved the present Policy for successful implementation of the strategic intentions, which forms the grounds for general goals and directions of the action. The steps required for improvement of IMS for better involvement of the employees in the benefit of the company’s development are implemented through them.

The company management considers the system to be a constantly evolving part of overall management, which effectively supports the achievement of strategic goals of the organization through suitable configuration of processes and performance control parameters in terms of quality of the environmental protection,

as well as occupational health and safety, and compliance therewith.

One of the key aspects for successful and effective management is the fulfilment of the binding obligations arising from both legislative, as well as normative, contractual, and other requirements.