We are a family-owned, purely Czech company with a tradition since 1994. We are engaged in production, assembly and provision of services in the field of TZB/HVAC. We operate throughout the Czech Republic. We export our products to many countries in Europe and Asia.


We started our journey under the brand name STAVOKLIMA s. r. o. in January 1, 1994 in České Budějovice in rented premises, when our work included mainly design of air-conditioning solutions and AC for smaller customers.


From a small installation company operating in the South Bohemian region and supplying HVAC systems to houses and industrial buildings, we have developed into a medium-sized manufacturing, installation,

and service company. We have built our own design and construction teams. Our operations expanded to other regions of the country.

We gradually increased the number and volume of completed orders and the number of employees. We expanded our activities with our own products in the field of heating, air-conditioning and noise protection measures, and CNC sheet metal machining. We started to export our products abroad. A major breakthrough in the existence of our company was the construction of our own modern headquarters “on a green field” in Homole, a small municipality near České Budějovice in 2016. In the area of 2.5 hectares, we have everything we need for our production – administration, production, and warehouse space, facilities for more than 100 employees.


We currently offer our customers a portfolio of activities, including in-house production of air curtains, heating units, noise control barriers, core and plate noise silencers, technological containers, noise bonnets, hoods and walls, as well as services in CNC sheet metal machining (press braking, cutting, and laser burning), supply and installation of HVAC, refrigeration and heat pumps, instrumentation, design and servicing of HVAC equipment and systems.

We are a stable and trustworthy partner for our customers.