JTH / jthe core noise silencers


JTH core noise silencer is suitable for installation in the air-conditioning duct work or construction or technological opening where noise reduction is required.  The cores of the noise silencer are made in the standard from the zinc coated metal sheet always with the slides in order to achieve low pressure loss and low silencer own noise level Lw.  The silencers may be available in sanitary version or from stainless-steel upon request.

A wide dimensional series of the noise silencers allow installation into almost any duct work cross-section, including unique option to juxtapose or stack the cores. The manufacturer recommends that composition of equal lengths of the core noise silencers are always used.

Technické specifikace

  • available in lengths: 1000 / 1500 / 2000mm
  • JTH versions: zinc-coated, with lead-ins, inner part made from perforated metal sheet
  • JTHE versions: zinc-coated, with lead-ins, eco variant without perforated metal sheet with a backed fabric
  • placement in duct work: horizontally / vertically / combination thereof upon request supply of cores including duct work
  • sanitary or stainless-steel versions available