Nevada JET


Nevada JET heating unit is a device capable of providing thermal comfort for all and in particular tall spaces. The unit complies with all user demands for optimal hot air distribution, minimum heat loss, and fully automated control. The unit’s features are best applicable in shops, industrial or warehouse spaces, which standard products are unable to manage.

The unit is provided with a powerful EC fan and directionally adjustable nozzles that successively redistribute hot air from ceiling to the floor level. Owing to large-scale heat coverage by the Nevada JET unit, lower number of appliances in said space is required with respect to common heating units. At the same time, the adjustable nozzles operate as a destratifier.


  • version: heating under ceiling: hot-water
  • fans: EC
  • available power series: 4 
  • air violume: 1.300 – 8.300 m3/h
  • control: smart
  • basic colour versions: RAL 9010